Effective Instructional Technology: An Introduction - Mr. Wielkie
Instructor: Mr. Wielkie 
The idea of educational technology is more than simply obtaining computers or software. It is the integration of technology into a tried and proved process of education and the merging of traditional teaching with contemporary tools. In this course you will:
  • Learn the fundamentals of operating systems and Internet usage
  • Discover how to use Microsoft Word and Excel as a tool for your classroom lessons
  • Develop a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Integrate these tools in one of your own classroom lessons
This course serves to provide basic technology curriculum integration theory and practice for K-8 teachers. Core topics are in alignment with the National Educational Technology Standards and include teaching and learning with technology, uses of the Internet, storing and accessing files, and educational uses of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Beyond the development of basic technical skills, this course serves to provide teachers with learning framed in an integrated technology curriculum.
  • Participants will select a lesson plan from the specific curriculum area and theme of their instructional area and apply technology integration
  •  Participants completing all four Effective Instructional Technology modules successfully are eligible for eight professional development clock hours toward state recertification.
  • Participation in this professional development course may also be applied toward Prop 301 task completion.

Class Tasks

1 - Read The Flight of Amelia
2 - Create 4 aerial photos of your Google Earth Travel between school and you chosen destination
3 - Create a descriptive story of your travel in Word
4 - Create a Travel Calculator in Excel

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