A View from the Top
In this lesson, you will meet Amelia the Pigeon and be introduced to the idea of aerial photography. You will download and use Google Earth to find an actual picture of school and the route to your home or a selected landmark.  You will then write a story about what Amelia the Pigeon would see if she flew from our school to your selected destination.

Curriculum areas
  • Geography
  • Behavioral and social studies
  • Language arts
  • Academic standards
  • Social studies: Science, technology, and society
  • Language arts: Applying language skills
ISTE NETS Standards for students
  • Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.
  • Participants will be introduced to the idea of aerial photography through the story of Amelia the Pigeon.
  • Participants will view an actual aerial photograph of their school or home.
  • Participants will write a story describing what Amelia the Pigeon would see if she flew over their school or house.
  • Prerequisite skills
  • Basic skills using Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Basic experience with Microsoft Office Word
  • Basic experience with Microsoft Office Excel
  • Basic experience with Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Student activity
In this activity you will see your world from a new point of view—a birds-eye view from up above in the sky.
Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Earth, Microsoft Office Word

What to do

  • Click on the class link title “The Adventures of Amelia the Pigeon”.
  • Read the first chapter of the Amelia the Pigeon story: "How Amelia Got Her Camera." 
  • There are cameras in the sky that take pictures like Amelia does. You can see the pictures online by opening Google Earth and explore the world.
  • Using MS Word and the four images you collected, write a descriptive story describing what Amelia would see if she flew to one of these destinations.
  • For ease of this exercise, you should maintain an eye altitude of between 3000 and 8000 ft. This would depend on far away your destination is from our school
  • The story you write needs to contain:
    • Using Microsoft Word, create a one page story that chronicles the flight of Amelia has she flew from our school to your destination. The Newsletter must meet the following formatting criteria:
    • Create header with the stories title.
    • A minimum of 2 columns (there must be enough information in the story to occupy both columns).
    • A minimum of four imported graphic inserted into the body of the story. These would be the images that you took in Google Earth.
    • Text wrap around all graphics.
    • Dress the story up with multiple fonts, multiple font sizes, multiple font styles, and multiple font colors. In the entirety of the story, use at least two different font attributes.
    • Create footer with date and the name of the author.