Module 1: Introduction to Educational Technology
Welcome To A Short Course In Classroom Technology Integration.

The focus of the course is helping you effectively integrate technology into the curriculum by:
·         Learning the basics of using technology.
·         Using technology to support instruction.
·         Integrating new technology into classroom practice.
·         Discovering new uses for technology tools or designing projects that combine multiple technologies.
And the BIG QUESTION is: How can computer technology effectively be integrated into the curriculum?
This is a difficult question to answer. Technology is often used as an add-on to the curriculum, not an integral part of the curriculum and this generally makes its use ineffective. So, we will focus on using technology as an integrated component to lesson planning. You will begin to exploring the answer to our big question designing one learning activities that effectively use technology and integrate it into the curriculum you have already established in your classroom. You going to do this by using the tools introduced in this short course.

Besides extensive reliance on the Internet, our tools for completing this task are:
·         A lesson plan of your choice
·         Our school’s website
·         Google Earth
·         Microsoft Word
·         Microsoft Excel
·         Microsoft PowerPoint

So, let's get to it!!!
The Lesson Plan: (You will need this lesson by module 3)
Choose a lesson plan. It may or may not have technology included in the lesson, so do not worry about the technology right now. By the end of this course, we will have work together to integrate technology into your lesson. The lesson should be one that you created, that you feel is exceptional, and plan on implementing within a few weeks of this course. With your permission, I would like the opportunity to observe you when you implement the lesson.
Our Website:
This course is designed in our website using all of SchoolFusion’s available features. Using it as our model, we will work together in designing your own classroom website. It is a simple straight-forward process and very easy to create and implement. In the context of building a website you will learn:
·         Basic operations of our operating systems, Microsoft XP or Vista
·         File creation, saving, and organization
·         Desktop function and organization
Google Earth:
This is a free downloadable program that you will need to complete module 1. There is a link in the class site so you may download it to your personal desktop. This is a fun tool that you will find easy to use and fun.
And finally, you will need access to all the Microsoft Office products.