Module 2: Introduction to word processing & spreadsheets
In this module the participants will discover how to utilize  Microsoft Word as a tool to enhance their students learning experience. In the lesson, students meet Amelia the Pigeon and are introduced to the idea of aerial photography. You will visit  Goggle Earth to find an actual picture of their school and route to their home. Participants will write a digital story, using images taken from Goggle Earth, about what Amelia the Pigeon would see if she flew over their school or home.
Additionally, participants will use  Microsoft Excel as a single use spreadsheet. With excel anything that needs to be decided mathematically can be made into a spreadsheet using formulas. You will create a Trip Cost Estimator spreadsheet that will calculate the total cost of the trip you describe in your digital story.

Task 1: A View From The Top
Task 2: Create a Trip Claculator with Microsoft Excel