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The time has come!  YSA will start back to school on Monday, August 17th!  The Arizona Department of Health Services published guidelines for districts to consider and our Governing Board has considered the information and is ready to move forward.  Uniforms are now available for purchase. 

There are certain requirements (listed below) to follow that will outline what we are doing to reduce the chance of spreading any virus on campus, and you MUST agree to these conditions for your child to return to class.

If your desire is to not yet return your child to class, you do have one other option.  We will have live streaming of the classroom.  Your child can watch the lessons being taught while remaining at home.  However, there are limitations to this method.  Your child will most likely not be able to interact with the teacher during the lesson, as they will be managing their classroom.  However, this will provide an opportunity for your child to view the lessons and complete their assignments at home.  YOU MUST CALL THE SCHOOL OFFICE TO ACCEPT THIS OPTION (928-704-1100) prior to Monday, August 17th.

We will do everything possible to make our campus a safe and fun learning environment for your child.  85% of our parents who responded to our poll stated that they want the campus open and we will be relying on YOU to keep it open!  Your participation is critical!

As a parent:

  1. I will take my child’s temperature EVERY morning at home prior to leaving for school.  If my child’s temperature is greater than 100 degrees, I will keep them home until they are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication.  (This has always been a standard school policy.)
  2. If I forget to take my child’s temperature, my child will remain in my car and I will call the school office when I arrive at school.  An adult will come to my car and take my child’s temperature (this allows for a temperature check before entering campus).
  3. I will NEVER “dose up my kid” with fever-reducing medicine so that they can attend class.
  4. I will keep my child home if they are complaining of illness, so as not to possibly spread illness to other students.  (This has always been a standard school policy.)
  5. I will call the school if my child or an immediate family member has a positive covid test or is under quarantine by a doctor’s order (we will follow HIPA protocols).
  6. I will ensure my child has at least one clean face mask to wear each day.  Sending multiple face masks in a plastic baggie would also be a good idea.
  7. I understand that beginning August 17th, other than school staff, no other adults will be allowed on campus (other than in the school office) without prior approval from Mrs. Smith.  On Monday, August 17th, and Tuesday, August 18th, ONLY PK and Kindergarten parents will be allowed to walk their child to class.  They must go directly to the classroom door and then exit campus immediately.   There will be no standing around and visiting with other parents, even while in the school parking lot. 

We are attempting to eliminate as many chances of exposure as possible.  Your assistance is CRITICAL in this regard!  Please help us to stay safe and to keep the school open!

Tonnie Smith


Young Scholar’s Academy Charter School (YSA) is both a choice and a privilege. Our school is nestled along the eastern bank of the Colorado River in the tri-state area of Arizona. YSA is an integral pillar for our surrounding supportive communities of Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Oatman Topock, and Bullhead City. Our outstanding teaching staff, dedicated support staff, and the overwhelming commitment and involvement of our parents has made YSA our community's #1 choice for educational advantages.

We hope you will use our website to learn more about our school, our commitment to education, and join us as we cheer on the successes of our students. Whether you are looking for student registration information, grade-level openings, or our school calendar and events, you are always welcomed to contact us directly.

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Director's Message

Dear Parents,

As you know, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has issued an executive order that all classrooms in Arizona remain closed for in-person learning until August 17th.  This date is a full two weeks beyond our scheduled start date.  We had two options to consider. 

First, we can delay any educational services until approved to begin classes on August 17th (if approval is given at that time).  If that were the case, we would then have to make-up those days at a later date sometime during the school year.

Second, we can begin distance learning until such time as we are allowed to hold in-person classes once again.  There are no make-up days required if this option is chosen.

Young Scholar’s Academy has chosen to begin the school year on August 3rd, as scheduled.  All students will be assigned to their new teacher and are expected to log-in on August 3rd to begin their classes.  The State Department of Education will require students to log-in and participate in classes, just as if they were in physical attendance.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT for your child’s learning as well as for school funding.  The teachers are putting great effort into lesson planning (they learned much during the instant forced closure earlier this year!).

Preschool classes will not begin until we have permission to physically attend classes on campus. 

In the very near future, emails will be sent with additional information.  Please keep watching for updates on the YSA page ( and the YSA Facebook page or call Mrs. Eddy or Mrs. Elias at 928-704-1100.

For those of you needing to check-out computers, please call Mrs. Eddy at 928-704-1100 to schedule a pick-up time.  In addition, your child’s teacher may attempt to contact you with further guidance.

Although this is not how we would prefer to start our school year, we, as a YSA family, will work together to give our students and families the best education possible!


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